With Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday. It is a time that I really hone in on gratitude. Sometimes in my daily life I forget to acknowledge all that I have to be grateful for. From seemingly small things that I take for granted, like the checkout attendant at my local grocery store who advised me that I shouldn’t get the basil that was in my cart because it smelled bad, to larger things like the fact that my three children are all healthy. 

A few years back, we started a tradition by spray painting a gourd from the craft store and each writing something we were grateful for, anything from food, dogs, teachers to “I’m not in a coffin” (my mother’s input), have found a place on that gourd. 

The Gourd has been tossed around, cracked, and the spray paint is starting to chip in areas making it all the more special to me and something that I will continue to cherish through the years.
We are so grateful to each and everyone one of you for the support and loyalty to the Sidney Byron brand. Wishing you light and love this holiday season.

Christina and Team Sidney Byron

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