South African Beaders

Tholo is an independent beader supporting her two children, Samuel and Mandy, entirely on her own. She has been beading for many years from a traditional hut without running water. Twice a day, she is required to walk to get water for her family. She dreams of having a “brick and mortar” house with electricity and running water one day. Each set of earrings purchased from our Tholo collection helps the fulfillment of her dreams. We honor her for being a part of our Sidney Byron family!

Nkulu is an independent beader whose beadwork supports his mother and entire extended family. Nkulu’s “Gogo” (the Zulu word for grandmother) taught him how to create pieces of art from beads. This passed down skill facilitates a livelihood for not just himself, but his entire family. In 2011, Nkulu helped bead the wedding dress for Princess Charlene of Monaco for her South African wedding celebration in Durban. Nkulu is currently studying to be a traditional healer and dreams of helping people heal their hearts. We are grateful he is a part of our Sidney Byron family.