Daily Rituals

I am as inconsistent as they come, but there is this energy about January that starts me off with the attempt of having a strong mindset of consistency. January has always been one of my favorite months for this reason. Winding down from the holiday season, a cozy silence blankets the world around me. I find I really am the most consistent with daily rituals at the start of the year. This year the goal is to carry this January energy with me throughout the rest of 2021.

Do you have any daily rituals? These are a few of mine:

Waking up (thank goodness)
Stretching, for like 5 secs (impressive right?)
Drinking my morning coffee or tea when traveling (see, not even consistent with my drinks)
And then all bets are off after that…

What are your daily rituals? Do you have any you are willing to share? Do you believe rituals help us with our goals and having a more positive outlook on life?

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