Do you believe in signs? Do you believe that you have someone guiding you? Do you know, deep in your bones, that if you stay still, and listen, you will receive messages from a higher source?

I just read about a woman who was saved from a car accident by listening to a voice that, later, she believed was an angel speaking to her.

Whenever I hear that voice I wonder, is it my subconscious or is it a guiding force? Perhaps that is where we must have faith. That moment when we choose to listen.

I feel an energy guiding me and then sometimes that energy doesn't seem to be there, and in truth, I feel a bit lost when I am not connected to it. When I am synced in, I feel this collective consciousness, and I feel more and more inclined to accept others wherever they are on their journey.

Lately, I have even been trying to connect through meditation, particularly if I have an issue with someone. It is almost as if I am trying to link with them through our shared consciousness. I practiced this recently with a close friend who made comments that hurt me. In my silence, I sent her love and asked for healing between us. The following week she reached out to me four times.

I want to practice sitting in stillness, and working on my energetic vibe to create a vibration of excitement in all aspects of my life and work. Because we are all energetically connected. That much I know is true.

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