Gratitude: noun. The quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness. 


We all know what it is, right? I am sure if you are reading this, then you are a person that shows and practices gratitude. Me? I do, but am I consistent in making it a daily practice to the extent that it is almost like a muscle that one uses? No.   


As Thanksgiving week is upon us, I sit here thinking of the word gratitude and how powerful it is. Thanksgiving for us, and you, is probably different this year from anything we have ever experienced. We won’t be getting together with friends or extended family for the first time. For me, this is disheartening as I love this holiday that honors the simplicity and importance of just being together and being thankful. 


Sometimes, especially with so much chaos surrounding us this past year, it's been hard to see and feel what we should be grateful for. In truth, some days are easier than others to take a moment and think about what I am grateful for. Lately, I have been trying to say what I am grateful for before I go to sleep.  When I do this new practice I do sleep better, although that could be a combination of saying gratitude prayers AND my husband finally using a nasal strip for his snoring. (Just kidding, it is me that uses the nasal strip!)


Here are just a few things that I am grateful for today: 

For health, and the fact that my parents and in-laws who are in their late 80s are healthy and well.

For bright red cardinals outside my window in the morning.

For warm fires to sit in front of as I write this. 

For the sun shining.

For daughters that give unexpected hugs.

For sons that say I love you without embarrassment to their parents.

For the wonderful response that my recent pop-up has received.


I am a believer that negative or bad experiences can be shifted into thoughts of gratitude such as: 

I am grateful the pandemic has forced us, as a family, to sit back and be still. To just be, and be with each other.

I am grateful for the toxicity that has been boiling to a surface for years, decades, and centuries has burst open. I know we will be able to move through this in a manner that will make us more connected and more aware through healing, moving forward, not looking into the past just striving to make each day better. 


The list goes on but, even as you read this, what pops into your mind that you are grateful for? 

Do you have a gratitude practice?


I hope sharing a little of my list shows how simple, and powerful, adding a bit of gratitude to every situation thrown your way can change your perspective.


Wishing all of you peace and love this Thanksgiving.

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