Cabo Inspires Me Always

Colorful inspiration can always be found in Mexico. I haven’t been to Cabo in more than 20 years and I had forgotten how much I love the city of San Jose del Cabo. On my recent trip, the colors and boutiques inspired me so much that I came home surging with ideas.

Sometimes I forget how inspired I am by travel. I lose sight of the energy I feel charging through my limbs when I go somewhere outside of my comfort zone and detach from the day-to-day grind I allow myself to become accustomed to. I have a wanderer’s spirit. I love everywhere I go. And I can easily connect with the energy of wherever my travels take me.

I am also learning that I am a consummate consumer. I love nothing better than exploring local shops (even hotel gift shops ... and many times I think of ways I could improve their offerings).

Travel reminds me what Sidney Byron is all about: versatility. it's about a person who can pack less by using the same items for multiple purposes. I love to challenge myself with how tightly I can pack things, even on far-away trips like San Jose del Cabo. I am on an eternal quest to fit everything in a carry-on for a beach vacation like this one, and still look stylish. With the lovely items we sell, that dream is a possibility:

●  Our scarves can be wraps, travel blankets on a cold plane, or a sarong on the beach.

●  Our pouches are cute and quirky and can store bits and pieces on travel days and then become a chic clutch for dinner at night.

●  Our totes make great carry-ons as well as roomy beach bags.

●  Our robes are for lounging around your hotel room, or covering up at the pool or beach.

●  Our extra light(1mm) yoga mats can easily be folded into your suitcase. That means you can stretch in your hotel room.

At Sidney Byron we say of each of our uniquely curated offerings: “May this fill you with love and joy. May magic, miracles and all good things come to them on their journey.”

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