Thank you Dewitt Jones

Growing up we had stacks upon stacks of National Geographic. In addition to it showing me the many countries and cultures this world has to offer, it seemed to capture all that was beautiful on planet earth. It inspired my passion for photography and cultivated a life long zest to see all parts of this amazing world.

A friend knew this about me and recently sent me a TEDx talk by Dewitt Jones of National Geographic fame (which you can view via a link on his instagram feed). I highly recommend it. His talk resonated so much with me. From it being a sacrilege if you were to toss out a NG magazine (something I still struggle with today) to the fact that NGs primary goal is to CELEBRATE what is RIGHT with the world.
DeWitts short talk has so many powerful pearls of wisdom:

“Our Vision controls our perception and our perception controls our Reality.”
“Instead of griping about what’s wrong , celebrate what’s right with the situation."

“The light that shines not on us but from within us when we have the courage to let it out”

“Through the lens of celebration , there is more than one right answer, there are a thousand ways to look at a situation, reframe obstacles into opportunities, change your lens and celebrate what is right in front of you”

So moving forward, let’s celebrate the best that humanity has to offer and honor the time we have on this incredible planet 🌎

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