The Vibrant Now of India


India is awash in magic, mystery and beauty.  It brims with historical and spiritual sites.  Prior to my first visit, I was told that I would either hate it or go all in.

I went all in.  I submerged myself into the country's diverse culture.  I deeply felt every moment, each nuance, all the fragrances, tastes, sights and sounds. Never had I been in a place so complex.

India feels caught in time.  Parts seem to be held in a bubble, unchanged for centuries.  There's a man riding atop an elephant loping down the highway, passed by another man behind the wheel of a speeding Range Rover.  Temples and centuries-old traditions blend with cutting-edge technology, new restaurants and eye-popping fashion.  India is cacophonous blend of old and new world, expanding and growing, pulsing with life.  I pray that as the country continues to evolve, in never loses its ancestral charm.

I took this photo at the Jama Masjid in Delhi, the largest mosque in India.  When I look at this picture, In see women supporting each other, literally and figuratively.  I feel the connection these women share.  Not one is distracted by a screen.  All are bonding in the present moment, enjoying each other's company.

True connection is a powerful thing.  The ability to revel in the now is something many people forget.  Creating a circle of support and loyalty is one of the greatest blessings of the human experience.  India has not forgotten this simple truth.

At Sidney Byron, genuine human connection is one of our core values.  Each of our products is intended to create a tangible connection to cultures around the world.  We hope you feel that connection too.

India lives on in us forever.  We are endlessly grateful for our experiences there.  They inspire and delight us, every day.


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